Multiple Solutions Supported

Geo-fence areas that are sensitive or hazardous and generate rule based alerts when  transgressions occur

Supports real-time monitoring of all employees, contractors and visitors whilst at your asset.

Provides an added layer of coverage for lone worker safety, man-down alerts and the ability to support COVID-19 active tracing. 

Enables instantaneous roll calls for muster points and emergencies

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A Single Platform For Making Your Asset Space More 
Cost-effective, Efficient, Productive and Sustainable 

Miniotec offers intelligent solutions for smart buildings. 

We support the enablement of sensors to be brought together in one intuitive platform that rapidly puts various sensor’s collective data into action, creating safer, more efficient and more cost-effective spaces.

With Miniotec and our Partners, you are never limited to a single solution.

General Features of the Solution

Data Warehouse

Easily access all of your asset's and sensor data in one platform

Informative Reporting

Edit and email to stakeholders


Customisable Dashboards

Create tailored dashboards and share easily

Open API

Integrate with other business systems or other APPS

Timely Alerts

Trigger user defined email / sms

threshold alerts

Other Key Benefits

Boost Your Building’s Efficiency

Improve operational efficiency with accurate data at your fingertips. Optimize energy usage and save time by automating tasks. 

Remove Unnecessary Costs

Make informed decisions about leasing space. Reduce maintenance costs whilst making considerable energy savings with real-time monitoring that provides actionable insights.

Master Asset Maintenance

  • Reduce asset failures with a digital twin of your assets

  • Increase first-time repair rates, saving you time and money

  • Create smarter and more efficient maintenance regimes

Promote Improved Sustainability

Reduce your asset's carbon footprint with real-time energy monitoring. Detect inefficiencies and make automatic adjustments to ensure energy is only used when spaces are occupied.

Power Productivity, Wellbeing and Comfort

  • Monitor key indoor air quality parameters in real-time.

  • Receive smart alerts to improve the indoor environment.

  • Empower employees with the knowledge they are working in a healthy space.

Support Your Digitisation Strategy

Our wireless IoT Technology is perfectly aligned with Industry 4.0 aspirations, the Digital Twin and advanced analytics. We  integrate sensor data and provide advanced monitoring of your assets.

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