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Accurate Real Time Employee and Asset Tracking 

Miniotec’s Real Time Location System (RTLS) operates on the Ultra-Wide Band frequency and provides sub-meter location accuracy for monitoring the movements of people and equipment.  


Designed for industrial use the solution includes sophisticated algorithms for accurately monitoring movements throughout your facilities.  Each person or equipment is provided with an active RFID tag which communicates to our RTLS mesh network (anchors), installed to create an invisible secure digital mesh that monitors every asset’s location with sub-meter accuracy. The data the system collects become actionable insights to improve decision making.

Thousands of anchors and tags can operate in wide areas without limitation and the system is designed to operate outdoors (IP67) or indoors and in harsh industrial environments such as mining, oil & gas facilities and construction sites. 

We support a variety of RTLS tags suitable for different environments and our tags have a long-lasting rechargeable battery. We can also provide tags which are  certified for Hazardous environments.

Realtime Active RFID Technology

Geo-fence areas that are sensitive or hazardous and generate rule based alerts when  transgressions occur

Provides an added layer of coverage for lone worker safety, man-down alerts and the ability to support COVID-19 active tracing. 

Supports real-time monitoring of all employees, contractors and visitors whilst at your asset.

Enables instantaneous roll calls for muster points and emergencies


This RFID Real Time Location System is Market Leading

Considers ease of deployment, accuracy, solution scalability, performance, 

integration with other systems and longevity.

Other Key Benefits

Employee Monitoring & Workforce Optimisation

Track worker movements, know the location of workers in real time. Supervisors can determine if employees are working efficiently, monitor tool time and track time in non-productive zones. 


Divide you plant into virtual zones based on hazard, process, accessibility or security. 
Use geofences to set up business rules to capture statistics, monitor workforce efficiency, safety and security. 

Other Business Cases

  • Capturing video feeds of violations as they happen.

  • Tracking of vehicles and construction equipment

  • Materials track & trace via passive RFID 

  • Track materials from manufacturer to laydown yards

  • Automated collision avoidance

Employee Safety and COVID-19

Monitor for unauthorized access and verify that workers are adequately supervised


Monitor social distancing, generate congregation alerts and record contacts for COVID-19 contact tracing.

Reduce Exposure to HSE Risks

Track workers entering / leaving restricted areas, panic button alerts make help calling easy, take instant head counts for Mustering roll-calls. The sensors detect falling, prolonged inactivity and create automated alerts. You will know immediately when and where an employee needs help.

Support Your Digitisation Strategy

Our wireless IoT Technology is perfectly aligned with Industry 4.0 aspirations, the Digital Twin and advanced analytics. We can integrate our sensor data with your on-premise data repositories and provide advanced monitoring of your assets and employees.

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