Pipeline Leak Detection System

Our Pipeline leak detection system comprises a lightweight high resolution pressure sensor within a fully self contained intrinsically safe housing comprising  integrated 360 degree solar panel and cellular communications for wireless operation. 


The pressure sensor is designed to detect sudden variations in pressure over long range in both steady state or flowing lines.   The sensor samples data at least once per second with data transmitted to the cloud via internal cellular modem.

High frequency sampling permits tracking of pressure build up or draw down in any process with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Adding our time synchronization feature identifies shock waves in liquid lines that accompany ruptures, inconsistent pump strokes, equipment malfunction and pig performance.  Wave propagation and attenuation is easily identifiable through our supplied application.


The high frequency sampling rate of the sensors ensures that a rupture in a liquid pipeline will create a negative shock wave that can be sensed downstream or upstream from the rupture point. 

Low Cost Continuous Online Monitoring of Critical Pipeline Infrastructure

Detect changes in the pressure envelope with unparalleled speed and accuracy and accurately identify the locations of leaks

Securely monitor your critical pipeline infrastructure from any device via our software application.  Monitor trends and and investigate the underlying data.

Completely maintenance free, factory calibrated for life and with no need to change batteries 

Sends immediate cry-out notifications of alarm conditions via email or SMS for enhanced environmental integrity safety and security.


Key Benefits

Lower Condition Monitoring Costs

Our sensors eliminate the need for costly manual data collection and analysis, replacing manual field inspections with continuous online sensing and analysis.

Mitigate Tank Management Issues

  • Production Tank Monitoring

  • Chemical Tank Monitoring

  • Tank Inventory Scheduling & Notification

  • Tank Overflow Monitoring

  • Interstitial Space On Double Wall Tank

  • Production Efficiency Factor

Other Use Cases

  • Detects weak plunger pump valves

  • Immediately detects incorrect valve position

  • Monitors operating conditions on downhole pumps for run status, SPM, and pump efficiency

  • Monitors line pressure for Emergency Shutdown Device closure

  • Reports on maximum well head injection pressure (MWHIP) for regulatory compliance.

Know the Integrity of Pipelines 24/7

  • Pressure Change Notification For Leak Detection

  • Hydrate Monitoring & Methanol Optimization

  • Static/On-Demand Pressure Testing

  • Water Crossing Monitoring

  • Sales Point Pressure Monitoring

  • Pipe Liner Vent Monitoring

  • De-Bottlenecking

Reduce Exposure to HSE Risks

Our technology mitigates the need to send workers to site to take readings and perform visual inspections on static assets. By providing 24/7 online monitoring of your equipment we are enabling  remote operations and keeping your workers out of harms way.

Support Your Digitisation Strategy

Our wireless IoT Technology is perfectly aligned with Industry 4.0 aspirations, the Digital Twin and advanced analytics. We can integrate our sensor data with your on-premise data repositories and provide advanced asset performance monitoring for your infrastructure

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