How IIoT is Changing Pipeline Integrity and Leak Detection Management

See Your Pipelines Operations Like Never Before With Wireless IIoT Sensors

Pipeline leaks can have huge consequences to asset owners and the community, be it from safety risks, environmental risks, damage to property and reputation or wastage of our most precious resource – water. This is in addition to the financial costs of production losses or for paying regulatory fines and clean-ups.

Pipeline asset owners must have pipeline leak detection systems that they can rely on to detect and receive real-time alerts of pipeline leaks quickly and locate these leaks accurately, all of this working seamlessly within difficult operating conditions.

But many of the current solutions are challenging to maintain and/or cost prohibitive to deploy and scale.

Miniotec offers an IIoT solution that can be deployed in less than 10 mins, a sensor that works wirelessly with no gateways and is self re-charging, providing high resolution per second pressure data to clearly visualise the fluid dynamics of your pipeline operations and characterise their inner workings.

Asset owners can now quickly deploy a pipeline monitoring solution that can readily capture and analyse where, when and how critical events occur and gain key insights to empower an operations team with the information they need to better solve their operational challenges.

Not only can the wireless IIoT sensors provide real time detection of fluid leaks, be it from water or production fluids such as oil, the IIoT solution provides analytical support for other use cases including Slug monitoring, Pig tracking and well pump monitoring.

Advantages of IIoT Based Pipeline Leak and Integrity Solutions

  • The ability to deploy wireless IIoT sensors quickly across your entire pipeline network, including monitoring pipelines in remote areas. Reduce or eliminate the need for costly fibre tracing or other similar solutions.

  • Prevent damage to people, environment and property. With real time monitoring you can anticipate possible safety risks before they occur, allowing you to quickly take the necessary action to mitigate these risks.

  • Detect and receive valuable information about a pipeline leak’s size and location quickly and minimise its impact by reducing product loss or reputational damage. Through the integration of a quickly deployed IIoT monitoring system with other business applications, instructions can be triggered that provides timely information to take corrective measures that enable asset owners to keep exposure levels below risk threshold values, in compliance with regulations.

  • Identifying product theft during pipeline operation

  • Increasing team productivity through automated pipeline monitoring, ensuring that all assets and equipment are working as expected without manual intervention and travel. IIoT monitoring solutions can also be used as an independent validation or back-up of SCADA data (if present).

  • Lower maintenance costs by identifying asset defects early before they can propagate

  • Increase the longevity of the asset by allowing asset owners the ability to monitor, maintain, and optimise assets for increased utilisation and performance. Asset owners can use collected real time IIoT data to make timely and informed decisions to optimise pipeline network performance.

The ability to deploy and scale IIoT pipeline monitoring solutions quickly and more cost effectively than traditional monitoring approaches is changing the leak detection landscape as it can support the management of rising impacts such as water scarcity and environmental catastrophe from unintended chemical releases which represents key factors driving public concern and regulatory compliance.

Utilising IIoT sensors to compliment an existing pipeline monitoring solution or as a new standalone solution is a sound strategy to positively transforming the management of a pipeline or broad pipeline network.

The IIoT solution Miniotec offers delivers reliable real-time operational data to support operators overcome the considerable challenges presented by un-instrumented legacy pipelines or those pipeline networks not currently fully monitored, allowing asset owners to make better sense of their disparate data.

Through IIoT solutions, we can digitally transform existing approaches to pipeline management, providing more timely operational data to improve decision making into actionable results that typically has not been historically available. Such capabilities in transforming existing approaches to pipeline operational maintenance enables operators to align with regulators, mitigate environmental impacts and improve social outcomes whilst at the same time deliver a positive return on investment.

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