A Comprehensive and Flexible
Tank Monitoring Solution

  • Fully wireless metal housing with Integrated pressure probe

  • System delivers battery status and trends levels over time with automated alerts (user adjustable)

  • Rapid loss/depletion alarms also available

  • Tank location shown on map

  • Batteries can be replaced in situ

  • Optional external heat shield for high temperature applications


  • Data connectors available to integrate cloud data with on premise applications

  • Daily performance report available to be sent to administrator for tank portfolio management

  • Lifetime calibration on sensor

  • Simple installation, no special tools needed


Remote Tank Level Monitoring Sensors

The Miniotec wireless Tank Sensor is one of the most robust, secure and high-performance sensors available for this application.

Our field-proven, trusted, battery-powered solution can operate in the most adverse environmental and hazardous conditions, being intrinsically safe and providing unmatched reliability with a battery life of up to five (5) years.

The system provides the ability to monitor product and temperature levels using a single, high precision resistive tank level Sensor and is designed not to cause a spark so it can be serviced without being removed from a process.

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Key Benefits

Save Time and Money on Installation

In comparison to wired technologies, particularly in remote areas, connecting level measurement sensors in a wireless network is significantly more cost-effective. A wireless system is far easier to deploy providing immediate savings to traditional wired systems.

Adapt to Changing Business Needs

Business needs can change over time and Operators may need to add or move tanks at a site to keep up with new demands.  Wireless networks are versatile, scalable and adapt easily to changing requirements.  Tanks can be moved as often as needed and can be monitored even while in transit.

Remove the Potential for Human Error

Manually collecting tank level readings introduces the potential for human error which can have significant impacts on operations.  Our online tank level monitoring system provides operators with highly accurate high frequency real time data for performance monitoring and decision making.

Lower Refilling Costs

Our sensors eliminate the need for costly remote inspections to collect tank level data manually. Data streamed to our visualisation portal can be used to optimise the scheduling of refilling operations thereby significantly reducing travel and labour costs, 

Reduce Exposure to HSE Risks

Our technology eliminates the need to send workers to site to observe tank level readings. Sometimes this could mean travelling to remote sites hundreds of kilometres away. By providing 24/7 online monitoring of your tanks we are enabling remote operations and keeping your workers out of harms way.

Support Your Digitisation Strategy

Our wireless IoT Technology is perfectly aligned with Industry 4.0 aspirations, the Digital Twin and advanced analytics.  We can integrate our sensor data with your on-premise data repositories and provide advanced operational performance monitoring for tanks.