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Digital, Technology, Data and Analytics

Transforming the Asset Design and Operational Lifecycle - Digitally

The traditional approach to project design, execution and operation is no longer viable in a digital world. Traditional delivery approaches rely heavily on manual processes, document centric and/or paper-based systems leading to inefficient delivery, inaccurate design and slow execution. Additionally, outdated systems create security risks and limit the ability to integrate new technologies and manage data.

Miniotec are leaders in supporting Clients navigate the digital world, developing strategies to overcome change hurdles and improve project and operation outcomes that combine project and asset data. Our vision is to promote Digital approaches with our Clients that will help reduce the total installed cost of engineering projects and the total lifecycle cost of operating an asset. 

" Miniotec deliver end-to-end digital consulting services across the asset lifecycle, with considerable domain and subject matter knowledge attained from being involved with the delivery and operation of projects across all industry sectors.
The Evolution of the Digital Project

The establishment of systems, tools and procedures within a platform delivery environment to support integration, concurrent/collaborative working from a remote workforce and fast, safe execution is required for the digital project, whether greenfield or brownfield.

Digital Projects today must integrate data, drawings, documents and databases from a variety of sources and contractors to provide a unified, data centric view across the project and asset. This approach reduces the number of project deliverables, maximises the use and reuse of engineering and asset data and information and ensures a high-level of data quality is achieved and maintained across your organisation’s data and information assets.

How Miniotec approaches Digital across the entire asset lifecycle.
" A data-centric approach enables resilient capital projects. "

The outcome of digital execution architectures will improve and mitigate the problems associated with disconnected information systems and paper-based work processes, which are still prevalent in all industry sectors today, particularly in the energy, mining and infrastructure sectors.

Starting from the Concept and Planning phase, understanding how the digital flow of information will evolve "end-to-end" (E2E) as projects work through FEED and Detailed Execution is important for efficiency and delivery accuracy where all members within the project ecosystem can collaborate to the same data standards and governance model to ensure a quality, consistent and complete data regime throughout the project execution process.

The Miniotec team has considerable experience working with Clients across all phases of the asset lifecycle to develop and implement digital approaches to data and technology adoption for E2E Digital Delivery across the Project execution and Asset operation lifecycle. Some of this capability considers:

The Assess and Select Phase - Miniotec
  • Digital Strategy, Roadmap and Requirements development for the Project / Asset Lifecycle    

  • GAP Assessment for Core Engineering tools, 3D and P&ID systems 

  • Seed file development for the 3D model and P&ID systems

  • Development and integration of the project EDMS and positioning of the integrated engineering environment (IEE)

  • Approaches to support Design replication and data automation

  • Smart contracting, including distributed ledgers, to improve legally relevant exchanges   

The Define Phase - Miniotec
  • Data governance and standards strategy – Reference Data Library / CFIHOS compliant Class Library Development

  • Optimal Seed file development and optimisation for the 3D model and P&ID systems and for Instrumentation and Electrical systems

  • Development and Management of Piping Specifications, Commodity Coding and Material Catalogue

  • Preliminary development of the engineering document warehouse (EDW) and Unified engineering data integration

  • Preliminary assessment of data requirements for the Materials Management System (MMS)

  • Preparation of Engineering and Procurement data integration for Material Take Offs (MTO), Critical Long Lead Items (CLLI) and Long Lead Items (LLI)

  • Development of the Construction AWP and integrated Commissioning Plan

" The more accurate the data, the more cost-effective the project and invariably, the asset’s lifecycle cost, will be. "
The Execute Phase - Miniotec

Engineering Phase

  • Optimisation of the integrated engineering environment (IEE), fit-for-purpose for project execution

  • Development of reality models and visualisation tools of existing assets. Reality model Digital Twins support as-built 'evergreen' confirmation for error free greenfield design expansions or new modifications

  • Development or adaption of systems such as a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Automation, Reliability / Integrity, Safety 

Construction Phase

  • Digital strategy and data integration to support Advanced Work Packages (AWP) and Workforce Planning (WFP)  

  • Data integration of Engineering for preferred Construction Management system

    • Efficient Development of Engineering Work Packs (EWP)

    • Integrated delivery of Procurement Work Packs (PWP)

    • Constraints management

  • 4D integration and visualisation for planning and integrated schedule management

  • Digital Work Packs (Paperless Construction)

  • Integration of Track and Trace and Material Management Systems (MMS)

Commissioning Phase

  • Engineering data integration with Commissioning systems

  • P&ID systemisation and sub-system development

  • Integration of P&ID with System and Sub-system breakdown with 3D / 4D Commissioning

  • Integrated Data Work Process Flow Development: Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Construction, Pre-Commissioning and Completions to Hand over


  • A strategy and approach for digital and data hand over in line with asset ambitions for the Digital Twin

  • Optimal, managed, phased handover of data, documents and systems following CFIHOS / JIP36 standards

Project Management

  • Project Controls systems integration with Engineering Document Management Systems (EDMS), Schedule and Resources

  • Management dashboard and data analytics

Data Quality and Integrity Management

  • Development of the strategy to perform data consistency, quality and completeness over the course of project execution, in line with the Reference Data Library (RDL) and Class Library

IT Platform Delivery

  • Options and requirements for project systems deployment and management on an IT platform (Cloud or Hosted 'on-premise' systems)

Digital Assets are Business and Operational Imperatives

New ways for managing, maintaining and operating assets are evolving as our physical and digital worlds grow more interwoven. Miniotec assists Clients in implementing cutting-edge approaches and the use of intelligence solutions.

With significant pressure to obtain meaningful productivity, compliance, maintenance and safety outcomes from new and existing assets, business drivers have increased the demand for the creation of the ‘Digital Asset’ as part of an Operator’s broader project design, delivery and asset management strategy.

With technology becoming more sophisticated and readily available and recognising that asset information will drive the digital plants of the future, Miniotec has developed a niche capability which can deliver the benefits of a ‘single source of truth’ cost effectively and timely, bringing significant value to how assets are operated.

With the rise in connectivity through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the arrival of 5G, it is now feasible to extract valuable information from even the most complicated assets. This data may be used to forecast an asset's lifespan, maintenance requirements and derive strategies of how best to make operational improvements. It is now feasible to have some control and peace of mind over an assets operation by utilising cloud-based computing, analytics and machine learning best practice.


Miniotec supports Clients in a number of ways in establishing a Digital Asset:

The Operate Phase - Miniotec

Digital Asset

  • Digital Twin development and implementation from basic visualisation horizons (Horizon 1) to integrated data hosted reality models with connections to a breadth of systems and platforms and IIoT devices (Horizon 5+)

  • Cloud hosting solutions to support more data-driven analysis from various sources, disparate and connected  

  • Predictive Maintenance enabled through IIoT to liberate data from 'dumb' assets and move people away from mundane tasks to more strategic activities that promote improved performance

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) of manual processes

  • Machine Learning and Big Data and Analytics

  • Cybersecurity - the need to defend sensitive industrial systems from cybersecurity attacks is becoming increasingly important.

  • Vertical and Horizontal System Integration to support unified digital thread data exchanges   

Miniotec is continually learning as it provides consulting services across the asset lifecycle to the industrial world.

We offer strong digital business strategy skills to clients while also assisting clients in improving their strategic planning to better understand how to overlay new technologies into their operations. We apply the expertise from our deep understanding of the engineered asset as well as our team's experiences across numerous industrial sectors to distinguish between what is a realistic approach and 'tech hype’. What differentiates Miniotec is that we are capable of integration and delivery of our strategies. We just don’t simply talk about what is possible.

Every day, we put our creativity and enthusiasm to work to accelerate our customers' digital transformation initiatives. We are here to assist you in meeting the world's evolving resource, energy and transition demands... digitally.

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