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A Predictive Maintenance Solution Installed in
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Rotating Equipment Condition Monitoring Sensor

Miniotec's compact wireless MEMS-based IoT Vibration technology is the only solution to provide fully automated anomaly detection, failure mode classification and remaining useful life determination (RUL) for rotating equipment using sophisticated machine learning and signal processing algorithms.

The solution comprises three main components:


  • Wireless Sensor :  Intrinsically safe, battery-powered and fully wireless 6-in-1 MEMS based sensor for monitoring: vibration, acoustic emissions, magnetic flux, temperature, humidity and RPM and with built-in cybersecurity and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Cloud Computing :  Sensor readings communicate directly over a secure connection to the cloud where the data can be displayed and trended from a PC or mobile device application. 

  •  Machine Learning :  Powerful machine learning algorithms process the raw data and provide advanced failure detection, diagnosis and remaining useful life calculation.

Traditional condition monitoring approaches require highly skilled technicians to collect data at regular intervals.  Through continuous 24/7 monitoring, the solution's predictive analytics algorithms catch faults as they develop. Engineers and technicians can now spend more time focusing on corrective actions and addressing root causes and less time collecting and analysing data.

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Six Sensors in One 24/7 - 365 Monitoring Device

Tri-Axial Vibration

Magnetic Flux


IR Temperature

Accoustic Emissions


The world's only 6-in-1 sensor providing a comprehensive array of condition monitoring features in one compact wireless package.

Now also with an Energy Harvesting version

Remove issues relating to battery life

Energy Harvesting.png

Numerous Connectivity Options 

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With the eSim/LTE and LoRaWAN versions of the sensor, the system provides the most flexibility in sensor connectivity of any similar sensor in the market

Principle of Our Predictive Maintenance Solution

Analyse - 

Assemble - 

Capture information from your equipment continuously using easily installed wireless sensors that automatically communicate to the Cloud for analysis.

Use Machine Learning and AI algorithms to identify and locate root causes of problems and predict the next disruptive event or the expected remaining life.

Action - 

Send alerts and insights to maintenance professionals for immediate corrective action.

The real focus is to move the Engineer or technician away from mundane tasks and use their time for more strategic and proactive analysis of the operating data produced by the equipment. The solution we offer is proven to support better decision making and optimise maintenance activities. 

Key Benefits

Detects Faults From Equipment Such As:








and other types of rotating equipment.

The Sensors Can Detect and Classify a
Broad Range of Failure Modes, including:

  • Unbalance

  • Misalignment

  • Bearing faults

  • Rotor Bar faults

  • Impeller problems

  • Looseness

  • Cavitation

  • Winding Faults

  • Blade / Vane faults

  • Gear Problems

  • Phase related problems

  • others...

Lower Condition Monitoring Costs

The sensors eliminate the need for costly manual data collection and analysis, replacing hand held data collectors with continuous online sensing and analysis

Avoid Costly Failures

The patented algorithms are tuned to each individual asset configuration to identify faults early in their progression, giving you ample time to plan for corrective maintenance and avoid costly failures

Provide Clear and Logical Analysis

The asset performance dashboard presents the data in familiar formats that your condition monitoring specialist team can understand and trust. Trends and insights for faults are easily accessible for cross reference and verification of the underlying factors driving fault progression.

Improve Fault Detection

The sophisticated machine learning algorithms provide highly accurate and early fault detection, failure mode identification and degradation tracking, putting you back in control of asset performance.

Reduce Exposure to HSE Risks

The IIoT technology eliminates the need to send workers to site to take readings on operational rotating equipment. By enabling 24/7 online remote monitoring of your equipment the solution keeps your workers out of harms way.

Support Your Digital Transformation Strategy

The wireless IoT Technology is perfectly aligned with Industry 4.0 aspirations, the Digital Twin and advanced analytics. We can integrate the sensor data with your on-premise data repositories and/or historians, providing advanced asset performance monitoring for all your rotating equipment.

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