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An Industrial IoT Wireless Vibration Sensor with NO Wires and
NO Gateways

​In parallel with its extensive hardware capabilities, the strength of the wireless vibration monitoring system resides in its analytic capabilities where machine learning algorithms process the raw data and provide a status of machinery health, advanced failure detection, diagnosis and remaining useful life calculation, displayed within an intuitive to use condition monitoring system dashboard. This is not solely a simple 'threshold' sensor hence its value in predictive maintenance (PdM) to avoid downtime.

Miniotec Vibration Sensor - Easy to Install - NO Gateways!
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A Predictive Maintenance Solution Installed in
less than 10 minutes

The industrial wireless system also offers intelligent data communication protocols with connected access via an API (HTTPS, MQTT protocol and FTP over TCP connections), making it simple to transmit data and interface with already-existing systems, data platforms and historians, giving you more control of your sensor data to monitor vibration (RMS and full spectrum), velocity and acceleration, temperature data and sound. It also supports current plant monitoring systems with other liberated data streams, making data analysis and visualisation simple.


​Through the wireless sensor's frequent data transmission interval and continuous vibration monitoring, the solution's predictive analytics algorithms catch faults as they develop and will improve uptime and asset performance. Engineers and technicians will have increased data on machine health and can now spend more time focusing on corrective actions and addressing root causes and less time on data collection and analysing data through intuitive software.

This compact battery powered wireless vibration sensor uses MEMS based technology and is the only wireless sensor to provide 6 sensors in 1 device with fully automated anomaly detection, failure mode classification and remaining useful life determination (RUL) using sophisticated machine learning and signal processing algorithms to deliver industrial predictive maintenance capabilities.

​The wireless vibration sensors are intrinsically safe and rated IP68, suitable for harsh environments. Each device has multiple wireless sensors that measure triaxial vibration (3 axes), acoustic emissions, magnetic flux, equipment surface temperature sensor, humidity and RPM with built-in cybersecurity and broadest wireless protocol: Wi-Fi, Cellular (No Gateways) or LoRaWAN connectivity, to the Cloud platform.

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Six Sensors in One 24/7 - 365 Wireless Vibration Monitoring Device

Triaxial Accelerometer Sensor - Miniotec
Magnetic Flux Sensor - Miniotec
Magnetic Flux
RPM Extraction from Vibration - Miniotec
Surface Temperature Sensor - Miniotec
IR Surface Temperature
Ultrasonic Acoustic Sensor - Miniotec
Humidity Sensor - Miniotec
Acoustic Emissions

The world's only 6-in-1 sensor providing a comprehensive array of machine condition monitoring system features in one compact wireless package making it an obvious choice for hazardous or hard to reach equipment locations. The solution enables you to perform automated vibration analysis of rotating machines remotely and confidently.


The wireless vibration sensor provides efficient but straightforward data transfer with high data quality, wide sample rate / frequency range and consistent battery life (low power consumption).

Now also with Mechanical Energy or Light Energy
IIoT Wireless Vibration Sensor Harvesting versions

Remove issues relating to battery life

Energy Harvesting - Infinite Charge - Miniotec

Embracing the mechanical rhythms of industry, these innovative sensors tap into the ambient vibrations and light that surround us, transforming these IIoT devices into more sustainable power sources.


In the realms of Industrial IoT, this not only signifies a leap towards self-sufficiency but also a commitment to eco-consciousness. By harnessing either mechanical and light energy, the boundaries of wireless vibration analysis are being redefined, ensuring that as industries advance technologically, they remain harmoniously attuned to the environment and sustainable practices.


A future where efficiency meets sustainability is not just a vision—it needs to be our reality.

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Read the White Paper:

Miniotec Wireless vs Fixed-Wired White Paper
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Vibration Sensor Installation - Miniotec
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A Wireless Vibration Sensor System that Detects Faults in Various Types of Industrial Equipment

Motor - Miniotec


Gearbox - Miniotec


Pump - Miniotec


Compressor - Miniotec


Blower - Miniotec


Turbine - Miniotec


and many other types of rotating equipment.

The Condition Monitoring Solution's Sensors Can Detect, Classify and Provide Automated Alarms for a Broad Range of Failure Modes, including:
  • Unbalance

  • Misalignment

  • Bearing faults

  • Rotor Bar faults

  • Impeller problems

  • Looseness

  • Cavitation

  • Winding Faults

  • Blade / Vane faults

  • Gear Problems

  • Phase related problems

  • others...

For further information, refer to our Knowledge Hub and this article

or for more information on wireless vibration sensors, refer to this comprehensive FAQ.

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