Predictive Maintenance with NO Wires and NO Gateways

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A Predictive Maintenance Solution Installed in
less than
10 minutes

This compact wireless MEMS-based IIoT Vibration technology is the only solution to provide a 6-in-1 fully automated anomaly detection, failure mode classification and remaining useful life determination (RUL) using sophisticated machine learning and signal processing algorithms.

Intrinsically safe and rated IP68, the sensor measures tri-axial vibration, acoustic emissions, magnetic flux, equipment surface temperature, humidity and RPM with built-in cybersecurity and Wi-Fi, Cellular (No Gateways) or LoRaWAN connectivity.

In parallel with its sound hardware capabilities, the solution's strength resides in its analytic capabilities where powerful machine learning algorithms process the raw data and provide advanced failure detection, diagnosis and remaining useful life calculation. This is not solely a simple 'threshold' sensor hence its value in PdM.

Through continuous 24/7 monitoring, the solution's predictive analytics algorithms catch faults as they develop. Engineers and technicians can now spend more time focusing on corrective actions and addressing root causes and less time collecting and analysing data.

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Six Sensors in One 24/7 - 365 Monitoring Device

Tri-Axial Vibration

Magnetic Flux


IR Temperature

Accoustic Emissions


The world's only 6-in-1 sensor providing a comprehensive array of condition monitoring features in one compact wireless package.

Now also with an Energy Harvesting version

Remove issues relating to battery life

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Read the White Paper:

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Monitor and Detect Faults In Various Types of Equipment








and other types of rotating equipment.

The Sensors Can Detect and Classify a
Broad Range of Failure Modes, including:

  • Unbalance

  • Misalignment

  • Bearing faults

  • Rotor Bar faults

  • Impeller problems

  • Looseness

  • Cavitation

  • Winding Faults

  • Blade / Vane faults

  • Gear Problems

  • Phase related problems

  • others...