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Our Approach to IIoT Digital Transformation

At its core, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a fundamental component and undervalued enabler of Digital Transformation though Miniotec has developed a reputation for developing and identifying the right solutions and partnerships to improve possibilities and successful outcomes for our Clients.

Data derived and distributed by IIoT solutions offer an unparalleled opportunity for Asset Owners, Manufacturers and Equipment Maintainers the ability to deliver increased efficiencies and provide considerable awareness into how to deliver operational improvements – IIoT enables machines to talk, giving them some intelligence.

Miniotec support organisations unlock the true benefits and possibilities of Digitally transforming their operations by integrating People, Processes and Technology to drive optimum outcomes.

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Being successful with IIoT means more than simply connecting wireless devices. It requires establishing new processes and ways of working and associating your IIoT strategy with your digital journey; employing the right emerging technologies and collaborating with the right partners and digital ecosystems.

We help our Clients improve their operational performance by embracing Digital Technology and its future state. We have the Digital Scars to prove it!


With our considerable subject matter expertise, Miniotec approach IIoT adoption by assessing key digital offerings where we filter the value-generating opportunities to make informed decisions that fuels true digital transformation. We answer questions that:

  • map potential value-adding technologies to asset performance drivers

  • identify where various digital technologies are able to drive true business improvements

  • identify the right partners and digital ecosystems as few companies will be able to do everything alone

  • facilitate the modelling of financial outcomes to test the validity and sensitivity of the proposed business case.

  • identify and realign core business processes to capture the full value of IIoT

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Our ultimate aim is to deliver innovative digital solutions that facilitate our clients ability to capture and leverage data, thereby delivering untapped value in a unique and sustainable way.

Developing an IIoT approach is a challenging proposition for many Companies, but by understanding the new IIoT trends and how best to leverage them — such as the evolution of communication connectivity, better economics, edge computing, AI, ML and improved battery longevity, organisations of all types will find that the opportunities for operational improvement are considerable when IoT solutions are included in your Digital Transformation strategies. 

Miniotec supports organisations understand the real focus of Digital Transformation with IIoT is through automation and connectivity enabling new capabilities to predict and act, that is, moving individuals away from mundane tasks to more strategic and proactive analysis of data and root cause analysis to enable better decision making to support optimising operational activities. Benefits which also extend to more cost-effective operations and improved work safety.