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Understanding A Fluid's Condition State, in Real-Time, Anytime 

Miniotec provides an advanced industrial IIoT fluid monitoring system through sensors capable of continuously monitoring metallic wear debris and particulates in an asset’s lubrication system in addition to in-line sensing technology for monitoring the health state of lubricating fluid.

Traditional oil sampling analysis has been undertaken by analysing oil samples in accredited oil labs – a slow and costly process. With Miniotec’s sensors, we now take the testing out of the lab and analyse equipment fluids in real-time, without manual intervention – a significant operational advantage.

Online fluid sensors are able to:


  • Provide continuous real-time insight to oil health whilst the equipment is still in operation

  • Minimise repair costs through early detection and condition-based maintenance practices such as optimised fluid drain intervals 

  • Measure several critical properties of the oil, including relative humidity and wear debris, responsible for the most common oil issues affecting plant equipment

  • Reduce secondary damage to an asset due to mechanical faults 

  • Maximise the operating life of the asset

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Automate a Manual Process with Real-Time Data Analysis

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Changes to Fluid Quality and Wear Debris Typically Revolve Around Events

Collect Real-Time Analytics
of Key Fluid Parameters

An Easy to Install Oil Monitoring Solution

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Lab Analysis Can Miss Potential Issues

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"  Fluid Quality and Wear Debris sensors provide a layer of insurance that the equipment’s oil is being monitored 24/7 and not intermittently unlike traditional lab analysis condition monitoring "
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Important Benefits Of Fluid Analysis Sensors

Optimize machinery oil sample timing & maintenance intervals

Reduce cost of unscheduled downtime

Improve asset health state awareness

Detect oil changes and top-up events

Advanced warning enables improved asset
maintenance & logistics planning

Verify proper lubrication system maintenance

Identify contamination events

Track water contamination levels

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Where Fluid Sensors Play a Critical Role 


Oil and Gas


Industrial Equipment


Water and Utilities

Rail and Locomotives


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