The sensors are able to detect mechanical failures very early in the degradation process by analysing an asset's fluid quality in real-time. This analysis provides tremendous insight, allowing for fluid remaining useful life (RUL) estimations and true condition-based oil changes to be reported.


These types of sensors can play a pivotal role in protecting and operating the world’s most critical equipment within oil and gas, mining, rail, power generation, including renewables, marine and other applications.

Important Benefits Of Fluid Analysis Sensors

Optimize machinery oil sample timing & maintenance intervals

Improve asset health state awareness

Advanced warning enables improved asset
maintenance & logistics planning

Reduce cost of unscheduled downtime

Identify contamination events

Detect oil changes and top-up events

Verify proper lubrication system maintenance

Track water contamination levels

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Moving from Manual Oil Sampling to Real Time In-Situ Fluid Analysis

Miniotec provides the world’s most advanced industrial IoT fluid monitoring system by providing sensors capable of continuously monitoring metallic wear debris and particulates in an asset’s lubrication system in addition to in-line sensing technology for monitoring the health state of lubricating fluid.

Traditional oil sampling analysis has been undertaken by analysing oil samples in accredited oil labs – a slow and costly process. With Miniotec’s sensors, we now take the testing out of the lab and analyse equipment fluids in real-time, without manual intervention – a significant operational advantage.

Where This Technology Can Play a Critical Role and Reduce Costs


Oil and Gas


Industrial Equipment

Water and Utilities

Rail and Locomotives


Heavy Vehicles


Other Key Benefits

Wear Debris Sensor

  • 40 micron ferrous & 150 micron non-ferrous debris detection ability

  • Industry standard communication interface

  • Particle size/mass estimates

  • Volumetric flow rate estimates

  • Total particle count estimation

Online Platform

  • An all-in-one monitoring portal

  • Built-in Analytics for easy use and interpretation

  • Ability to set automated alarms

  • Create custom plots and charts

  • Access through browser or mobile

Technology With No Peer

Our fluid sensor utilises electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) technology to measure a fluid’s impedance spectrum and track its health. This provides multiple condition indicators which can be used to assess the lubricant’s additive package health, monitor breakdown, and identify the presence of contaminants. 

Oil Quality Sensor

  • Supports all Oil types

  • Small form factor thus easy to install

  • Can include integrated water contamination sensor

  • Multi-frequency analysis

  • 'Best in class' Sensor for its type.

Reduce Exposure to HSE Risks

Our technology mitigates the need to send workers to site to take readings and perform visual inspections on static assets. By providing 24/7 online monitoring of your equipment we are enabling  remote operations and keeping your workers out of harms way.

Support Your Digitisation Strategy

Our wireless IoT Technology is perfectly aligned with Industry 4.0 aspirations, the Digital Twin and advanced analytics. We can integrate our sensor data with your on-premise data repositories and provide advanced monitoring of your assets and employees.

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