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Cyber Security and IIoT Solutions

We have had many conversations with Clients recently where the topic of Cyber security has been a prime topic during our IIoT Digital Transformation discussions..

With numerous Cyber issues publicised in the media, and many other clandestine Cyber breaches not reported, our Clients are rightfully quite wary of some of the pitfalls of adopting IIoT solutions considering privacy and security issues are amongst the most considerable challenges of deploying IIoT devices.

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In the current moment of increased digitalisation of assets across all sectors, the implementation of digital twin technology, the use of cloud solutions for data analytics and digital storage, IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) systems face various internal and external Cyber security threats.

With specific regard to IIoT devices, improper or irregular device updates, lack of efficient and robust security protocols, user unawareness and inferior or inadequate encryption protocols are some of the main challenges which can limit trust in IIoT devices.

These trust issues can and should be understood and mitigated as, when adopted, the use of IIoT devices is proven to bring significant benefits. (read our post on the Return on Investment (ROI) from our most recent IIoT deployments).

In general, security within an IIoT solution must consist of several layers where the most secure IIoT systems have the following key protective functions;

  • Perception Layer: Security at the IIoT device layer – Security on the sensor itself

  • Network Layer: Security to the Cloud and from the Cloud – Encrypted data pipeline, including the ability for remote Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates to the sensor.

  • Management Layer: Security on the Cloud layer – Encrypted backend environment

  • Application Layer: Security at the Software / Browser Layer – Encrypted user environment

All encompassing is security of the Personal Data Layer, an often less considered area of IIoT security.

Numerous IIoT solutions do not address some or all of these critical protective functions hence prospective adopters of IIoT solutions in their Digital Transformation strategies need to be clear how Cyber risks are being mitigated before any solution is deployed.

At Miniotec, we are very conscious of Cyber security issues where we make this is a key focus of our technology evaluations and solution development, hence why Miniotec strives to be forerunner in the IIoT sphere.

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If you would like more information, please contact us and we can share some further information with you.


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