Make Major Improvements in Asset Performance - Let Your Assets Talk!

Let your Assets Talk! - They have a story to tell......

To make a step change in digitally transforming your approach to Machine Maintenance, a positive strategy is to give your machines and rotating assets a voice by allowing them to talk!

Wireless sensors like Miniotec’s Wireless Vibration and Fluid Condition sensors can help asset owners better understand and analyse how their equipment is performing by making your ‘dumb’ equipment very intelligent and enabling you to understand their overall health in real time, all whilst the equipment is still in operation.

Improving Productivity and Performance

Our sensors and analytics platform will identify defects and problems in an asset’s operation well before an event occurs ensuring there is no lost production time, making you far more efficient and allowing you to focus on making timely decisions. The breadth of performance information gained will enable you to shift your focus from risk avoidance processes to prescriptive maintenance activities which is a strategy that has been proven to reduce maintenance costs by 40-60%.

The Benefits of Digital Maintenance are Equally Important

Digital transformation should be a critical strategy and priority across all industry sectors to capitalise on the positive effects of innovation and new technology. Whilst most businesses race to implement administrative improvements, improving the maintenance policy of your assets is a common area that is typically overlooked or pushed down the budget approval order.

Companies and asset owners who embrace pivoting their maintenance strategies to consider Digital maintenance solutions like our wireless sensors are able to make increased advances in asset performance, reducing your operating costs and, hence enabling your equipment to perform better than they ever have, all by giving them a voice!

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