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Top 10 Digital Activity Areas in 2022

The Top 10 Digital Focus Areas in 2022 - Miniotec
The Top 10 Digital Focus Areas in 2022

Supporting several Clients and facilitating countless interactions across numerous geographies made 2022 an intriguing year for a variety of reasons.

Looking back over our discussions, we can see that many organisations are still working through their digital transformation journeys; some are moving faster than others, and yet others are taking stock and rethinking their strategies in preparation for 2023 and beyond.

Although there has been a significant amount of variability in strategy and solution implementation, regardless of the industry sector, there appears to be continuity in several major priority areas.

These findings make up what we refer to as our 'Top 10 2022 Client list - Digital Activities'.

Miniotec 'Top 10' Digital Observations 2022
Miniotec 'Top 10' Digital Observations 2022

How does this list fit into the projects you or your organisation have been working on this year?

(p.s.: Wearables and High Performance Computers (HPC) deserve honourable mentions. Cybersecurity is an interesting case. For obvious reasons, there has been greater activity later in 2022, though Blockchain has been receiving less significance.)

Stay safe. Digital matters.


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