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Digital Background - Miniotec

With Digital Experience and IIoT Solutions that are


We Transform Asset Delivery and Operational Performance and Make Technology Work for You

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Making a Step Change Requires Digital Enablement 

Miniotec is a Digital consulting and Technology solutions Company.


We work with clients Globally to create and implement Digital Transformation strategies that improve asset design, delivery and operational efficiency.

We also develop and offer validated and tested technology solutions that automate data collection and analysis, providing machine health diagnostics that improve various asset performance challenges across that the global energy, resource, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.

Miniotec Assist in Moving the Performance Dial
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Wireless Vibration Installed on Industrial Equipment by Miniotec

An Advanced Wireless Vibration Sensor for Remote Condition Monitoring

Rotating assets can breakdown without any notice or warning. Miniotec offers a compact 6-in-1 wireless vibration sensor that provides fully automated anomaly detection 24/7-365, classifying failure modes and approximating remaining useful life (RUL). The system can spot warning signs early enough to improve maintenance decision making and schedule repair. 

No Gateways required. A PdM solution installed in less than
10 minutes

Wavy Digital Background - Miniotec

Evolving Work Processes and Team Focus = Opportunity

Miniotec Efficiency

Currently 80% of Effort Goes Here

When Actually >80% of Value is Derived Here




20 Rule


of your outcomes should come from


of your inputs

Technology serves as a link between yesterday and the future, now, transforming traditional asset delivery and asset management into more insightful operations.

By leveraging technology, Companies can transition from routine tasks to strategic analyses, enhancing decision-making and creating greater commercial outcomes. "

Ready to Accelerate Your Operational Performance?

Many Companies have tried, with varying degrees of success, to implement Digital Transformation strategies that will improve how they design and deliver projects, boost operational performance, automate work processes and increase equipment efficiencies. Some Companies now also seek guidance and innovative but validated solutions to further enhance safety and financial performance.

Navigating an increasingly crowded technology arena however requires the application of sound subject matter knowledge coupled with a robust digital strategy to guide effective decision-making and the ability to succeed with system integration – this is where Miniotec have learnt what works successfully and offer services and solutions that have been proven to ‘Move the Performance Needle’.

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