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Miniotec is a Digital consulting and wireless IIoT solutions Company.


We support Clients develop and implement their Digital Transformation strategies and offer solutions that automate data collection and analysis, providing machine health diagnostics that improve various asset performance challenges across that the global energy, resource, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.

We understand what

moves the performance needle' 

and support Clients 'unlock' true value through proven approaches and solutions that satisfy these key success criteria.



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Wireless Solutions Enable Significant Benefits in Digital Transformation

The promise of high returns from digital technologies can be enticing to Asset Owners and Manufacturers.


Many Companies have sought to automate plant and equipment with varying success and are now looking for the next phase of innovation to further improve safety and financial performance. Navigating an increasingly crowded technology arena however requires the application of sound subject matter knowledge coupled with a robust digital strategy to guide effective decision-making – this is where Miniotec have learnt what works successfully and offer solutions that have been proven to ‘Move the Asset Performance Needle’. 

Regardless of activity, the following philosophy illustrates how Digital Transformation with IIoT solutions can support organisations make a step change in performance.

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IIoT solutions allow you to move away from mundane tasks to more strategic and proactive analysis of data to support better decision making.

An Advanced Wireless Solution for Monitoring Rotating Equipment 

** The Widest Connectivity of any Sensor ** 

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Secure and Flexible Connectivity

  • Cellular ( no gateways )

  • LoRaWAN

  • Wi-Fi 

Now also with an Energy Harvesting version

Remove issues relating to battery life

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Rotating assets can breakdown without any notice or warning. Miniotec's compact wireless Vibration technology provides fully automated anomaly detection 24/7-365, classifying failure modes and approximating remaining useful life (RUL). The system can spot warning signs early enough to improve maintenance decision making and schedule repair. 

Energy Harvesting System


A Predictive Maintenance Solution Installed in
less than
10 minutes

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Next Generation Online Oil Condition Monitoring

Oil sampling analysis has been the backbone of all oil reliability programs for the past century and typical practice has been to analyse oil samples in accredited oil labs – a slow and costly process.

Miniotec’s wear debris and fluid sensors can detect most, if not all, key oil events and project an asset’s remaining useful life of the oil while the asset is in operation, providing the necessary insight to make preventative maintenance decisions well before damage occurs.

Early Detection of Pipeline Leaks 

The pipeline leak detection system provides continuous high fidelity pressure monitoring for early detection and accurate long range positioning of pipeline leaks. The revolutionary wireless, solar powered pressure sensor requires no electrical wiring or batteries and can be installed and commissioned in a few hours. The system is virtually plug and play.


The sensor transmits real-time pressure data via its in-built cellular connection to the cloud monitoring system which accurately identifies the shock-waves associated with line leaks and valve openings, providing immediate identification and alerts to operators of anomalies.  Leaks that previously would have gone undetected can now be quickly identified to improve environmental compliance, security and safety.


The Most Accurate Realtime Asset and Employee Tracking Technology

Miniotec delivers Real Time Location Services (RTLS) through a leading edge ultra-wide band RFID System that provides sub-meter indoor and outdoor location tracking for employees, contractors and equipment and a sophisticated rules based monitoring platform complete with geo-fencing to improve workplace safety and operational efficiency.  

Wireless Tank Level Monitoring for Remote Installations

Miniotec provides a wireless industrial hazardous area rated tank level monitoring solution that is ideal for monitoring fluid levels in tanks located in remote and extreme environments.


The solution is designed to be installed quickly and includes a pressure sensor connected to a battery powered cellular communications module to send regular level readings to a cloud hosted monitoring solution. Data collected can be used to optimise tank refilling operations and eliminates the need for costly manual tank level inspections.

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Miniotec is continuously assessing the Global technology markets to identify intelligent solutions that will support our Clients make significant improvements to the way they operate their assets and 'move the performance needle'. 

We believe in strong collaborative relationships and seek to work with like minded professionals to either partner or co-develop solutions that matter.


If you have a particular business case requiring a novel solution or you wish to align with us, please reach out and lets connect.


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